Onewheel Fang Minis 2.0 Bumper Wheels - Buy Fang Minis in Australia
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Landsurf Onewheel Fang Minis 2.0 Nylon & CNC Bumper Wheels


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Are you looking to buy a Fangs 2.0 Mini Bumper Wheels? You have come to the right place!


Fang™ Minis are the next version meant for more experienced riders and those wishing to use bumper wheels for tricks, Fang Drags, or just easier curb nudges and nose-grinding protection on steep ramps or dips. They offer the same functionality as the larger Fangs wheels, and have a wheel that is the same width, but a bit smaller in diameter.

Check out the YouTube Intro Video

And the Nylon version unboxing video by blogger Jimmy Chang.

Note that FANG™ Minis work on Onewheel+ and XR models. V1 is not supported.  Minis DO NOT work on the Pint – we are working on Pint-specific Fangs but they are not yet ready. Pint Fangs will be in Q1 of 2020.

The features of FANG™ Minis 2.0 include:

  • A sleek new design that blends with the design of the board, and allows for easy installation or removal without removing the wheel. A single screw on each mount is now easily accessible.
  • Made from CNC 7075 Aluminum or choose injection-molded, glass-filled nylon for extreme durability.
  • Custom, precision-cast urethane wheel (replaceable) that is as wide as the full size FANGS™, but in a smaller diameter.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Dual ball bearings on each axle
  • No drilling of your frame or footpad – bolt on and go!
  • Assembled in the USA of foreign and domestic components.
  • 1-Year guarantee against mount breakage…if it breaks from normal use, we’ll send you a new set.


FANG™ Minis simply reduce the friction of the nose on the ground, so when your Onewheel’s front bumper meets pavement, it won’t stop instantly and throw you off from the sudden deceleration. No plastic material is as friction-free as a set of wheels on ball bearings…and no plastic plates will last as long. In fact, FANGS™ tend to work well with plates because they protect the front edges from abrasion and early wear.

FANG™ Minis give you a precious few seconds to either jump off your board in a controlled manner, or possibly regain control and keep riding. They are meant for low to mid-speed nosedive mitigation ( <= 16mph), although skilled riders have ridden out much higher speeds (over 23mph). Proven to be effective by many riders, with success stories all over Facebook and YouTube, FANGS™ or FANG™ Minis are now considered standard equipment for new board owners.

Like any performance product for Onewheel, using FANGS™ is a learned skill that takes practice to use correctly. Just as you don’t expect to be an expert on your first day with your Onewheel, FANGS™ work best when you’ve experimented with them on your own for a while.

FANGS™ are especially great at helping go up steep inclines, because in this case when a nosedive occurs, the board is already very close to touching the nose down (due to the incline). Therefore the “fall” of the nose to ground is much shorter and easier to control than on flat ground.

And it’s fun to do things you can’t do without nose wheels. Like Fang Drags, where you slam the nose down and accelerate at max speed…and are pretty much impossible without some sort of nose wheels.

Check this video for more info on Fang Drags technique.

FANG™ Minis are an still an experimental product, and no guarantees are offered in terms of saving a rider from nosedives. However, they have been proven to work time and again by many riders. The stories are all over the Facebook user groups. The only way to prevent nosedives is to not accelerate too hard for a given speed – thus, no product can “prevent” a nosedive. Gradual speed increases will result in less nosedive events, as will riding at moderate speeds.

Patent pending. Designed in Marin, California.


Fangs™ 2.1 feature a larger wheel (35mm diameter vs. 25mm for Minis) that is more capable over rough pavement. Fang™ Minis 2.0 are smaller and more discreet, with a compact design that is more easily hidden in the bumper recess of the Onewheel nose. They are for experienced riders who want to reduce friction of the nose on the pavement, or for doing endless Fang™ Drags, and are best suited to smoother pavement. If you’re unsure of which to get, then regular size Fangs are a great place to start.

Full size Fangs™ keep the nose of the board a bit higher off the pavement, and extend down from the front bumper more than Minis.  Fang™ Minis are compact and streamlined, and due to that, the nose of the Onewheel sits closer to the ground when they are rolling. Therefore, it’s a bit easier to stay on when using full size Fangs™ 2.1, because the nose isn’t at the steeper angle it is when using Minis.


In short, FANGS™ work for many situations. Every rider has their own skill level. Better riders with superior balance or lots of experience will be able to ride out more situations than new riders. Consider that the wheels simply reduce friction of the nose on the ground. If it touches down on the pavement (regardless of speed), you want the least amount of friction possible. Less friction equals slower deceleration. Slower deceleration means you have a better chance of regaining control. And a better chance of regaining control means you don’t fall off as often in these situations. Fangs will give you a few precious seconds to realize what happened when the nose drops, and allow you to jump off or regain control. Like anything else, using Fangs is a learned skill. With practice you will be able to do tricks, ride on the nose for a short distance, and more.

People who claim they “don’t work” have simply never tried them and are more concerned with “looking cool” to everyone else, thinking that being dangerous is better than using reason and logic to help mitigate friction effects. But the fact remains: wheels rolling on the pavement will always have less friction than a hard plastic bumper scraping along the same surface. The more weight that is applied to the nose on the ground while in motion, the more this truth becomes evident. Try doing FANGS™ drag starts with no bumper wheels and you will surely bail.

And now, with over 5000 riders using FANGS™, there is no more debate on their effectiveness. They have been proven time and again to be the best nose wheels in the industry. Several competitors have also appeared, offering the same features at a much higher price. You don’t need a giant, ugly bumper to get nose wheels that work better than any others. Grab some FANGS™, take a few minutes to install them, and ride with confidence.

Always wear your pads and a helmet.

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7075 Aluminum Black, 7075 Aluminum Blue, 7075 Aluminum Green, 7075 Aluminum Red, Nylon – Black


Nylon – Black, 7075 Aluminum Red, 7075 Aluminum Blue, 7075 Aluminum Black, 7075 Aluminum Green

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